Random Thoughts

Tuesday night was our first public performance for judges. It was for comments only, but you still feel the pressure to be the best. I was flustered that the show was quite disorganized getting started and we were first. I knew when our warm up time was and since there was no one official around we just started.

The warm up was great. The band has never sounded better this year. I was way stoked to go out and blow the person in the stands away. When we got to the gate, on time, we were told we had to wait for a last minute addition to the show.

So as the band sat there and got cold and unfocused I was polite and waited. Then when it is time to go on the band had a brain cramp and had some issues with the field entrance. In hindsight I think all of these things conspired to cause the train wreck that was to follow.

While watching the band I was quite discouraged. As I have had time to digest the show and listen to comments and recordings of what we did, I realize that we really do have a brilliant show, very talented kids, and a great staff. I’m just glad that it was this show we chose to implode on.

In two days we head to Payson for the first competition. There are 8 bands in our division, and at least five of the bands are very strong. We are going to have our work cut out for us, but I know we can do it. Now all we need is an audience to entertain.

Go Utes!


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