Summer is half over

I have not been putting much on here as of late, but it just dawned on me that the summer is half over.  So I figure I should disseminate some info that is on my mind.  So here goes:

Run da Funk: This is next weekend on Saturday the 28th.  This is a benefit run for the band.  Please come and support us by joining in this event.  On the front page of the band web site there is a link to register.

Marching Band: Three more parades are left for the year.  Tuesday is the 24th parade in Vernal, then we will be doing the UBIC parade in Roosevelt on Aug 4 and the Duchesne County Fair parade in Duchesne on Aug 11.  Practice resumes for the HS band on July 25 at 7:30 am.

Big, Loud, and Live:  August 9th I am taking a group of students to the movie theater in Park City to watch 6 hours of Drum Corps.  It is a phenomenal experience and highly recommended.  Cost will be $18 for tickets and money for food.  We will leave at about 1 pm and be home around 1 am.  At this point I am only planning to take 21 students.  If you want to go let me know.  I’ll have sign up details at marching band next week.

Fall Preview: August 25 7:00pm at the HS stadium.  Tickets will again be $3 a person or $10 for a family of 4 or more.  This will be one of only 2 times that the show can be seen in Vernal (The other will be a Homecoming) and the only time that the proceeds will go to the band.  Please come support us.

Fall Band Schedule:  If you have not heard yet there is a change in the schedule for the fall.  The 9th grade students will have band at the High School this year 1st period.  This means that the HS students will be able and encouraged to take concert band all year as well.  I am drafting a letter to send out giving all the info on this please check back for that letter.  (Here is the letter.  You should see it in the mail in the next week or so.  Fall 2012 Info Letter)

Final Thoughts:  With the changes that are coming it is my hope that the band program will get a boost and grow to the potential that is present.  Please help me in this goal by encouraging your students and friends to remain in the program and seek out the extra help that will make us great.

On of my favorite drum corps is getting killed this year.  They have been at the top for a long time and it is unusual to see them in 6th place.  It just goes to show that even the best can have rough years.  But even in 6th place they are amazing to watch and listen to.  Wouldn’t it be nice that the day would come that even on our worst years we were still amazing to watch and listen to?


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