Marching Band Season is Over

It is a bitter sweat moment in time when the marching season ends.  It is a huge relief because we are done, but at the same time I hate to finish a show.  I hate the idea that the seniors are done with marching.  I hate the clean up.

I like the idea of finding that new show to start working on and I am now taking suggestions.

All that said this year we still have to get to work on the Hawaii trip.  We have three new songs to learn in the next two weeks and get ready for the Christmas concert to follow the trip.  Busy times ahead.  For you who wonder about this stuff here are some dates to remember:

Dec 4-10 Hawaii Trip (Itinerary will be out this week.)

Dec 18 JH Concert  Dec 19 HS Concert

Annual Christmas raffle will start soon with drawing on Dec 19 after the concert.

To all the marching kids and parents:  Thanks for a great season and lots of memories.


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