Missed the parent meeting?

Here are my notes from last night. They are not written with good grammar and writing skills in mind. If you can’t decipher what I mean feel free to email me for further explanation.

Parent meeting notes

Reminded everyone how to keep in touch.

uintahband.net. Is the main hub

Several parents joined Celly

We discussed Charms and the advantage to the system. If you need your students ID for charms email Mr. Gibson.

Finances for the current school year were disclosed

Many of the parents share my distaste of fundraising

Run da funk was announced, but the date needs to be adjusted. It will be announced soon.

The mattress fundraiser was discussed and it was agreed that it is worth trying. We will get more info soon.

Volunteers for region band just need to show up at the hs April 9 at 8am.

Parents not wishing to be a part of the marching band discussion were excused at this time.

MB registration and the schedule were discussed. This info can be found on line.

After a lengthy discussion two things were proposed that we look at:

rather than a long out of state trip it was proposed that we add a trip or two in state and look at adding to the trips we already take. Ie Boondocks or lagoon added to a trip.
Since most families spend the money on the fund raisers anyway, look at raising the fees and cutting out fundraising.

I will be putting together a proposal for both of these items and asking for feedback. Please stay tuned.


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