Marching Band

2017 Marching Band info:

There are 3 spring trainings offered this year.  They will be April 15, May 13, and May 20.  They will all start at 8am and run until noon.  We will meet in the training center (on the FB field if the weather is nice) at 7:45am so that we can start on time.  If you plan to be in MB for the summer and fall you must attend at least 2 of the 3 camps.  Plan your time now so that you don’t miss more than one.

Registration for MB is now open.  Go here to register for your spot.

The show for 2017 will be:

iBand for Form.png

The 2017 handbook information is below:

Here is the MBParadeWaiver2017.  Print it and bring back to Mr. Gibson ASAP.

Please fill out this Medical Release form for the student:

Please ask to join the FaceBook Marching Band Group.

Contract – mbcontract2017

Planing for Band Camp – mbdeltaplansheet2017

MB2017-Camp Itinerary

FAQ – mbfaq2017

Fees – mbfees2017

Travle guidelines – mbtravel2017

First draft of the schedule – (Note this can change.)




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