Hey everyone.  Want to help us fund the band?  Here are some current fundraisers:

First follow got music? at    A fundraiser to help kids pay for Marching Band. Support one of our students by typing there name in as you check out, or just buy for the general fund. All products are sent directly to you and the kids get the profits. Yay for shopping!

we have new shirts up there on occasion to buy and you will find out about them if you follow us there.

The annual Christmas Raffle is always around Thanksgiving to the Christmas concert.  It is a $1 a ticket and the prizes change every year.  Follow the band on FB and you will see updates on the raffle as they start.

In the Fall we sell World’s Famous chocolate.  Be sure to ask a band student in September for chocolate.

And even though we are not suppose to ask for donations you can always just send a check to the school and ask that the money go to the band.  You can even specify what you want the money to go to.

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