Band Itineraries

New Year, New Itineraries:          Get directions here.

As trip times are planned I will post the itineraries here.  If an event is listed but not a link that means the final itinerary is not yet available.  For the Marching Band these sometimes come in just a few days before the actual event.  To help plan a little in advance here is a very tentative itinerary for the year.  These times are guesses passed on the draw results from this week.  As the show hosts give me a specific schedule I will post the specific times in separate itineraries.

Band Camp 2017 Itinerary:  MB2017-Camp Itinerary

CMU Jazz Festival on May 1&2 (CMU Festival Itinerary 2017)

Region Concert Band @ Spanish Fork HS Mar 29, 2017 (Region Band Itinerary 2017)

Region Jazz and Solo Ensemble – March 1, 2017  (region-jazz-and-se-itinerary-2017)

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